TalentHub was born as Ireland’s newest boutique recruitment agency. We created a new brand and website for a startup that are now a leading specialist in digital recruitment  


TalentHub were a new startup in a very competitive market and needed a brand and website that would stand out in the clutter of communication that exists in their space. The recruitment space in the markets in which they operate move quickly and our crowded with competition. Our challenge was to create a brand and new website that took them from unknown new market entrant to a leading special in their area.


  • To create a brand that would be (to use a term from Seth Godin) ‘remarkable’, and stand out in the crowded market
  • To build a new website that would not only drive leads into TalentHub’s business but also be used day to day as a tool by integrating with their applicant tracking system
  • To drive conversion rates by delivering best-in-class user experience by matching content with the needs of their users


The end result was a strong brand which is clearly identifiable and a clean interface with a solid technical solution that helped drive customers into this new business. We built a user friendly, mobile-first responsive site that focuses TalentHub’s position as an exciting new entrant in the digital recruitment space. We began with a deep dive discovery in their user personas, the user journey and the user goals. The result was a user friendly and easy to use website that positions TalentHub as a out in front of their competitors.