SuperValu is part of the Musgrave Group, Ireland’s largest grocery and food distributor. With 223 stores throughout Ireland, SuperValu has served the people of Ireland for over 30 years and has become a well established landmark across Irish communities.


Supervalu are the largest supermarket chain in Ireland and decided to introduce a travel money service to their customers in partnership with No1 Currency. The site also had a specific user goal which had to be intuitive, easy to use, and make the user journey as simple as possible.


The target user segment for this project were primarily desktop users and had limited computer experience. Our task was to design an interface that did the job of clearly communicating a new value proposition and a user experience friendly enough to guide the user seamlessly to conversion.  


The result was a fully responsive site with with an interface that made the process of buying foreign currency very easy to do. The CTAs were made clear and the ordering process was mapped out to be very intuitive.