Vodafone is Ireland’s leading mobile communications operator with 2.4 million customers. Since entering the Irish market in May 2001 Vodafone has made significant investments in its network. Vodafone is the single biggest investor in new technology in the Irish telecoms industry annually, with more than €900 million spent building and maintaining its network.


Coming up with new ideas to keep the kids occupied is a real challenge for parents. Schools in Ireland have the longest school holidays in Europe. Vodafone Ireland and their media agency Wavemaker felt there is an opportunity for a brand that offers genuine help to families to spend more quality time together


Our task was to create a resource for families that make their lives easier by giving them inspiration and ideas to create new firsts. We endeavored to design an idea generator full of new Family Firsts tailored to individuals based on set criteria; location, budget, forecast, number of children etc.


We employed a number of design thinking tools to deep dive into the journey of finding new experiences for your family. The insights from this process helped us produce an experience that seamlessly allowed the user solve the problem of continuously finding new activities. Following the brand guidelines closely we designed an experience that was familiar yet bringing the user an entirely new concept