BWG Foods recently launched the SPAR Rewards App— a mobile app for their loyalty program for all SPAR stores across Ireland. The app allows registered customers to collect points with the app or by scanning their loyalty card every time they shop at a SPAR store. Through the SPAR Rewards app they can get free coffees, SPAR product discounts, and special treats like free cinema tickets.


BWG Foods wants to grow the customer base of the app and increase usage. Our goal in this project was two-fold. On one hand, to evaluate and improve the current user experience of the SPAR Rewards app. On the other, to better understand consumer needs and expectations from a rewards app in order to identify opportunities for customer engagement.


We combined several research methodologies in a short time, to get “the big picture”and provide a strategic direction to BWG Foods:

– Expert UX review of the app
– Competitor analysis & UX benchmarking
– In-depth remote user interviews with Spar customers

We spoke to both existing and new users of the SPAR Rewards app, to analyse their entire customer journey, from discovery to regular use. We mapped out their overall shopping habits & behaviours to see how the app could provide value and best adapt to their needs.


Our research revealed a rich set of insights, suggesting both tactical developments and strategic initiatives for the loyalty program and the app. We proposed UX & UI improvements, to facilitate discovery of available rewards and to maintain customer engagement. On a strategic level, we identified a set of opportunities for the SPAR Rewards app to make a difference and deliver value to customers.