Otis is an American Sweet Bakery with over 40 years experience in perfecting sweet treats. Specialising in donuts, muffins, cookies and brownies they aim to deliver a range of sweet creations through the most innovative recipes.


Otis’ previous website was outdated and not performing for the business. The existing flow meant that users had several clicks or multiple confusing menu options before reaching the product offering. Getting in touch with a local Otis representative was also not an easy task for the user. 


We established the key goals of the new website as 1. Ensuring that the product range could be accessible fully within two clicks or less. And 2, contacting an Otis sales representative should be a smooth and painless experience. Both of these goals should be achieved while presenting the user with a refreshed look and feel that included the most recent product list and product imagery.


We delivered a clean and simple site which allows users to quickly and easily identify the product range in any of the European markets Otis serves, and make contact with the local market representative for more information about purchasing Otis products. We brought the design up to date and used strong product imagery to entice customers into making contact.