Award winning Equine MediRecord was created to take the time and effort out of daily racehorses health management for breeders, trainers and vets. The app allows users to control and manage medical records, vaccinations, feeds, training details, weight details and much more for each horse.


Before Equine MediRecord solution was introduced to the market all racehorse related data was kept and managed manually on a paper. This process required a lot of manual effort. Furthermore, keeping data safe but at the same time accessible to essential parties such as training assistants and vets, was a challenge. Our challenge was to create an iOS and web applications that allows users capture medical records and keep them in one digital archive.


  • We created a central platform to keep all information easily accessible but at the same time safe, secure and compliant.
  • We created user types and limited their actions and information they can see, add and share depending on their user role.
  • We created notifications that are sent out automatically when regulations change, new treatment is administered or vaccinations are due.


For Equine MediRecord we built both a web application and a mobile app for iOS that was created for those involved in the owning, training and managing of racehorses. The app allows its users to capture medical records and keep them in one digital archive that can be accessed by trainers, vets, administrators or regulatory bodies. This solution acts as the central platform for all medical records, compliance data, keeping it safe and secure in one place for the user. The applications and service is currently available in three European countries and continually adding more.

This project won Best Use of Mobile at the 2018 Digital Media Awards