Benecol is a brand of cholesterol lowering food products owned by the Finnish company Raisio Group. Benecol have been helping people all over the world enjoy eating healthily for nearly 25 years now. It all started with Ingmar Wester, a Finnish scientist who knew that plant stanols reduce cholesterol by partly blocking its entry to the bloodstream. After years of research, he figured out that combining these plant stanols with rapeseed oil created plant stanol ester. And that this unique, patented ingredient could be used in food to lower cholesterol without compromising on taste.


Benecol had a number of local sites across five different European markets which needed a refreshed design. Each of these sites had slightly differing approaches to presenting key information to the users which was particular to each market. Benecol were looking for an updated design which could be applied for all markets and allowed them to deliver their message to people which is to help people improve overall health by helping to lower their cholesterol.


We worked closely with the Benecol team to understand the best way of delivering their key messages. To that end we designed an experience that ensured the site functionality communicated their message clearly and removed any friction for the user in making contact or engaging with the brand. 


We delivered a clean and fresh site which allows users to understand the Benecol product offering, how their products can benefit your health, and how you can integrate the products into your daily life with recipes and factsheets.