WordPress Agency: How to Hire a Good One

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In today’s digital world, WordPress is an excellent choice for building websites either for small businesses or large enterprises. It’s an open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP that uses a MySQL database.  

Content Management Systems help users create and modify the content displayed on the pages of websites without needing the ability to code. Nowadays, almost any type of site can be built with WordPress, and around 39% of all websites use WordPress to design and manage their webpages. 49% of the world’s top 10,000 websites also use WordPress. It’s really simple to install and it comes with lots of built-in functionality and a huge family of great plugins. Blogs, E-commerce, business, government, membership, portfolio, forum, event, E-learning, social network, resume, forum, even wedding websites use it for its powerful and easy to implement features. Many renowned blogs, news outlets, music sites, Fortune 500 companies, and celebrities use it including NBC, CBS, USA Today, Time, Disney, Airbnb, Spotify, TechCrunch, Microsoft, etc. Its simplicity, flexibility, scalability, extensibility, upgrades, security, customization options, plugins, scheduled posts, multi-user capability, themes, help options, and the massive community continues to expand its popularity. It helps you get more people to sign up for your newsletters, translate your platform into different languages to attract global audiences, integrate essential third-party services, build your own community, etc. In addition, it’s fully responsive for mobile devices and screen sizes, and it supports all types of media files. 

Furthermore, it’s exceptionally SEO friendly and you can use SEO plugins to further optimize your website and make your site rank higher in organic search results.

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If you want to design your website using a platform such as WordPress, the obvious question arises: who should you trust with the job? As mentioned earlier, WordPress is very user-friendly and so you yourself might be a candidate. But every great creation results from long hours of hard work, and therefore, to ensure that you have a well-designed and functional website with good traffic, you either have to invest a great deal of time in it yourself, or consult the experts. If you are a business owner, chances are you won’t have as much time to do the job yourself.

A website is a touchpoint that reflects your company’s identity and taking a risk with it is essentially taking a risk with your brand. Aside from this, the development, configuration, and plugin setups require a solid understanding of the platform and the interpretation of a lot of documentation. The more advanced the site, the more likely you are to run into issues as you start to combine multiple plugins or edit the project files. It’s really a trial-and-error process and getting comfortable with WordPress can require hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of learning. So, it’s always recommended to turn to a professional to carry out that job for you. Even seasoned developers need help sometimes.

Also, if you’re already a WordPress developer, you may still need someone with specific skills to delegate a particular task. For example, interface design might not be the strong suit for a developer, and you might need input from a specialist in that area. Sometimes, you may also run into WordPress errors that you have no idea how to deal with or no time to look into.  Times like this make you wish someone else would take responsibility for it. All this may cause you to look for an agency option that comes with a lot of other benefits as well. You’ll most likely end up with higher quality work, it will save you some stress, you’ll be assured of on-time deliverables, and good user experience, etc. 

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WordPress development requires experienced and skilled developers who can move quickly and deliver quality work. An specialist agency will have experience working with the CMS that can really not be rivaled by internal teams. Hence, you’ll save your business from all the issues by choosing a reputable agency that has seen all the issues before. It can also assist a commercial enterprise to move its work from fringe assignments to customer care work. 

If you’ve decided to find a suitable WordPress agency, it’s helpful to understand how to hire the right partner.  Fortunately, there are many ways to find an agency and countless sites that arrange them by industry, score, price, and location. If your company can allocate a reasonable budget to do the job well, then choosing a suitable agency can really help achieve results. Specialist agencies will have capability around UX research, interface design, cybersecurity, DevOps, and hosting & support. These are skills that may not exist within your own business and having them within an agency partner can really increase the chances of long-term success. Before choosing the agency, make sure to look at their previous work, the overall strength of their portfolio, and customer testimonials. If they are not listed publicly on their website, you could always ask for references. You can also read reviews online to get an overall picture of what past clients may have to say about them. Since the budget for an agency is usually higher than it would be for a freelancer, it’s really important to ensure that you receive the best value for your money. 

Moreover, one of the reasons to pay more for an agency is so that you can have confidence in their ability and track record of delivering projects for others. It’s important to know out if the team at the agency can help you with your specific type of WordPress project. The agency must have a history of delivering projects on time along with a solid process for supporting your website after go-live. Finally, of course, it’s important you have a good relationship with your agency. If you have a good rapport, it makes the business of building a great website far easier. If all of these check out, you have yourself a good WordPress agency partner that you can trust!

5 Tips to Select the Right Web Design Agency for Your Business

Whether you’re a small business or a big company, the right web design agency will be able to provide a digital presence for your business that helps you accomplish all of your crucial business goals. Whether lead-generation or an e-commerce based business, your website design should encourage your website visitors to complete your desired goals.

Before hiring a web design company, you will need to compile a list of potential agencies and evaluate them based on your own needs and business goals. Follow some of the tips we’ve put together below, and you will be well on your way to finding the perfect web design agency for your business.

1. Compile a List of Potential Web Design Agencies

First, you will have to start by putting a list of potential agencies together and then gradually narrow it down from there. Start by asking friends, coworkers, and colleagues for recommendations on reputable web design agencies.

There are lots of websites out there that rank web design agencies. While a lot of the ranking sites are “pay-to-play,” you can still acquire a lot of valuable information and find a lot of potential companies to then evaluate on your own. You can also search Google for web design agencies in your area and read customer reviews on their site and on neutral parties.

Many web design agencies may offer specialized services targeting your industry. For example, one company might focus on lead generation web design for the B2B industries, and another may focus on e-commerce web design. While it may benefit you to work with a company experienced in your industry, it’s more important that you work with a professional company that knows what they are doing in general.


2. Check Their Website

One of the best ways to evaluate a web design agency’s ability is to look at their website. Does it look fresh, clean, and modern? Or does it look outdated? If the company can’t even design a website that represents their business well, how can you expect them to do the same for your organization?

In addition to reviewing the agency’s website from an aesthetic point of view, review it from a functional perspective as well. Does the conversion funnel make sense? Does the web design agency exhibit an understanding of conversions and the intangible marketing know-how to build a website that doesn’t just look good, but performs, too?

From how their site navigation functions to the on-page copy and messaging, a web design agency’s website is your best view into their professionalism, attention-to-detail, and overall know-how.

Along with the eye test, look through the web design agency’s portfolio for recent projects. You can also look for testimonials, or reach out to companies on your own that you find listed on the agency’s portfolio or case studies sections.


3. Look for Reviews

Check out the reviews, recommendations, or testimonials that are probably on their website, or directly ask them about any other recommendations. Also, you can have a gentle conversation with the company’s previous clients and ask for their feedback. Have they delivered the project on time? How was their support? Are the client-friendly? And other questions can lead you to the conclusion.


4. Discuss Their Experience

Before you hire a web designer, you need to discuss their experience. Make sure they can handle the type of project you are looking to do. Find out if they have experience doing similar projects. Be sure they have the technical skills and background needed to bring you the best results. Web designers and web developers have experience in a variety of different skill sets and technology languages that go into creating your website. You need to make sure you find the agency that aligns with your development needs perfectly.


5. Analyze How They Communicate

Communication is the key to good website design. You should be able to explain your requirements and expectations to the web designers. Plus, do they understand your requirements or not. What is the response, how is the response? If they look a bit confusing about your project, try to explain again, if still continues, shut the idea of giving the project.


The Bottom Line

We’ve thrown a lot of information at you when it comes to picking the right web designer for your business. Take it all in! Remember, this is good information that will help you ask the right questions and take the right action to get the best results for your business.

When you create a high-quality, captivating website, you will benefit from a long-term return on your investment. When you invest in your web presence, you meet the necessary standards every business needs to get ahead in today’s competitive market. By having the right web design agency work alongside your company, you’re on route to great returns on your investment.

5 Hacks With Attractive Website Design That You Can Implement Today

Website design can have a huge impact on your conversion rates and SEO. A simple increase in font size may decrease your bounce rate by 10% and increase conversions by 133%!

These days, website design is also particularly important on mobile because 51% of smartphone users discover a new product or company through mobile search. Responsiveness, properly sized elements, and aesthetics are therefore key for the success of your marketing strategy.

There are plenty of design fixes for you to implement – but today, we’d like to talk about 5 simple design hacks that have the potential to not only make your design gorgeous but also increase your sales!

5 Design Hacks To Make Your Website More Attractive

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1. Add white space

A common mistake among web designers is to cram the website space with elements, as well as use overly dense text layouts. Although generally, efficient use of space is a good thing, an overburdened website layout has the following problems:

  • More often than not, it simply looks unattractive
  • Content consumption may become more difficult for visitors
  • Key information may get buried under walls of text or flashy visual elements

Today, minimalism is king in web design. To make your website lighter and more intuitive for your visitors, you should increase the amount of white space or negative space on your webpages. White space is the webpage space that is completely unused.

Among the best ways to add white space to your website are:

  • Making your content body narrower so that it occupies less area on the screen
  • Breaking down your content into shorter paragraphs
  • Using numbered and bullet-point lists
  • Adding media such as images or videos to break up the text

2. Add in some icons

Icons are a brilliantly simple way to improve communication on your webpages and make them more attractive. Aside from that, icons allow you to highlight important elements on your website, drawing the users’ attention toward them.

Icons are very easy to use – you only need to paste them into your content. One of the best icon libraries out there is Font Awesome – it offers thousands of free and paid icons, boasts beautiful and editable visuals, as well as works seamlessly with CSS, Vue.js, and other frameworks.

Now, you should use icons sparingly. Remember our #1 tip – leave more white space on your webpages! This applies to icons as well since they can easily make your content too heavyweight.

For the best efficiency, you should use icons in the following elements:

  • Page body
  • Benefit sections
  • CTAs

If you do everything right, then a simple set of icons will make your page more vivid and will also break up the dense text.

3. Add a background photo

A background photo is a great way to:

  • Add a finishing touch to your webpage
  • Grab the users attention and set a tone for the page

As it pertains to the second point, we think that you shouldn’t hope that a background image will improve bad website design. On the contrary, you should view background images as a way to communicate a brand message or set a certain atmosphere on a page.

With that said, simply throwing a background photo onto your webpages isn’t enough – you should make sure that it is relevant to the content of the page and matches your brand guidelines.

Make sure any copy you pace over the image is readable. One trick is to make sure you have enough contrast for the copy to be readable. This means the image is dark, the copy should be white, and vice versa.

4. Use a harmonious color palette

This is also a very simple fix that will dramatically change how your website looks and feels to the user. Aside from making your website aesthetically better, your color palette should be easy on the eyes and reinforce your brand where appropriate.

Know nothing about web design and color palettes? You may give random palette generators a try, like coolors.co. There are plenty of other online palette generators out there, but this particular tool allows you to:

  • Change the number of colors in the palette
  • Generate a palette based on an uploaded image
  • Edit the shades of a generated palette
  • Adjust the hue, saturation, temperature, and brightness of the palette
  • Make use of palettes created by other users

After you are done, you only need to go to your theme editor in WordPress (or whatever CMS you are using), plug the HEX color values into the respective fields, and voila – you’ve changed your website’s color palette!

Playing around with color palettes is fun and allows you to significantly improve your website’s aesthetics in virtually no time.

5. Make your CTAs more visible

And as our final hack, you should make your calls to action more visible to users. If calls to action are essential to your business, then this is an essential tip to follow.

There are plenty of ways for you to breathe more life into your CTAs. Among the options you have are:

  • CTAs within videos. Quick Sprout registered 380% more clicks on an in-video CTA than their regular sidebar CTA.
  • Use “reverse” CTAs. Another tip Quick Sprout provides is that you should tell people NOT to click on your CTA. This works not for everyone, but on TimothySykes.com, Quick Sprout had 39% better performance with a “negative” CTA.
  • Replace links with buttons in your CTAs. Links don’t stand out well, partly because they are a normal part of an online experience. With that in mind, make use of colorful buttons as well.
  • Use animated CTAs. Animations are another way to catch the attention of your website’s visitors. Needless to say, you should make sure that you are not annoying. A subtle movement every few seconds should be more than enough to draw the eye.

Eye-catching CTAs can not only improve your conversion rates but also make your website look more organic. But of course, you need to remember our #1 tip – leave more white space! – to make sure that your CTAs perform their purpose while staying an integral part of your website design.